DORSET Police has revealed the most ridiculous reasons people have given for breaching Covid regulations during the third national lockdown.

England entered its third national lockdown on January 6. According to the rules laid out by the government, people must stay at home and may only leave where absolutely necessary, for example to shop for basic necessities, to go to work if you cannot reasonably do so from home, or to exercise - which should only be done locally.

People are also unable to meet socially with anyone who they do not live with or are not in a support bubble with, but may exercise with one other person from another household.

However, Dorset Police have stopped a number of people, both locals and visitors, who have breached those rules.

These are the seven most ridiculous reasons people have given for breaching Covid regulations:

  • Someone who moved to their second home in rural Dorset from London because the internet is better
  • A person who travelled to Dorset because the sea air is better for them
  • Someone who was stopped while they were going out for a drive because they were bored
  • A person who was caught travelling to Romsey from Dorset for an MOT
  • A group of men met up from mixed households in north Dorset to go fishing in West Bay because they were bored and thought it was okay as they worked together
  • A person was who travelled from Basingstoke to Weymouth to buy something advertised for sale on Facebook - they assumed it was under “click and collect” legislation
  • A Medium who assumed it was ok to run their business from home inviting multiple people for group readings