A SUBARU driver showing off on a wet surface had has car seized by police.

Officers who stopped him for "a chat" discovered he had no insurance and also issued a fixed penalty.

The driver was one of several stopped by officers from the Dorset Police No Excuse team.

A Ford Fiesta driver was given a fixed penalty for having a missing silencer and a noise that "could be heard from another county."

And a Vauxhall Meriva was seized for no insurance.

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A spokesman for No Excuse said: "What is missing from the Ford Fiesta? Well the noise from the missing silencer could be heard from another county I'd imagine. The driver liked the sound though."

And referring to the Vauxhall, the spokesman said: "A police car parked at the side of the road, lights on, ANPR camera on the roof. If you had no insurance would you drive past it?"