PERMISSION to knock down buildings in Bournemouth to make way for a “comprehensive scheme of redevelopment” has been refused.

BCP Council has rejected a request from developer Primetower Properties Ltd to demolish the Sprinkles Gelato buildings in Holdenhurst Road.

It said “insufficient information” had been provided about the proposal and that there were concerns about the effect it could have on the structural integrity of neighbouring buildings.

Primetower Properties applied in November through the prior approval process to see whether it needed approval to clear the site.

No details of its later plans have been made public but its application form said demolition was needed “in advance of a comprehensive scheme of redevelopment”.

BCP Council planning officer Julie Allington ruled approval was needed but refused to give it.

She said a documents submitted with the application lacked “sufficient information” and there was also “no evidence” required site notices had been put up.

Her report, published at the end of last week, said a request was made last month for more details but this was unanswered.

Separate concerns were raised about the impact the demolition of the building would have on the neighbouring properties.

“No details of the proposed ‘scheme of support’ referred to [in the demolition statement] have been provided,” her report said. “It is therefore not clear that the demolition can be carried out in a way that ensures the structural integrity of the neighbouring properties.”

She added that there were concerns about the lack of detail for what was planned for the site after the building was knocked down.

No application or enquiries have been made in relation to future redevelopment of the site and therefore there is concern that it may be some significant time before a scheme is approved and the redevelopment of the site may not be forthcoming for some considerable time,” she added.

“Therefore, there is a strong possibility that following any demolition, the site may remain vacant for a long period.”

The council subsequently refused the developer’s application.