JUBILEE Road in Poole is set to be closed for four weeks to facilitate gas replacements.

BCP Council revealed the plans in a public notice published in the Daily Echo.

As well as the closure to Jubilee Road, parking will also be suspended in Ashley Road.

This will start on Monday, February 15 lasting until Sunday, March 7, including weekends.

BCP Council said it was “to facilitate gas mains replacement by JDT Utilities on Ashley Road”.

Parking in Ashley Road will be suspended in bays numbers 330 to 308 and 215 to 237.

No parking, waiting, loading or unloading will be permitted at any time, the council said.

A diversion is in place, however, through Churchill Road and Norrish Road.

The Council said in its public notice: “These arrangements may be amended/extended should works overrun or weather conditions delay operations.

“Restrictions may be in effect under this order for up to 18 months and could be further extended with the approval of the Secretary of State.”

Dorset Council has published a public notice, informing people of a planning application at Wareham Wellsite.

Parenco UK Ltd has applied for permission to drill three sidetracks at Wareham Wellsite from existing wells.

People wishing to inspect the application, or make representations, can do so at https://plan.dorsetcc.gov.uk.

The public notice said: “At present, during the Covid-19 emergency, we strongly encourage you to submit representations online if possible.

“Any representations you make will be available for public inspection.

“It is recommended that you avoid disclosing information of a sensitive nature, such as your email address and your telephone number, in any representation to the council.

“If an appeal is made against the council’s decision on this application, any representations you have made on it will then be copied to the planning inspectorate. There may not be a chance to make further comments at the appeal stage.”