I WAS glad to read the Echo letter on Thursday, January 7, on the matter of us all wearing face masks in shops and supermarkets.

The head of the NHS, Sir Simon Stevens, has recently condemned the many who are, unbelievably, claiming that the virus is some sort of government hoax.

How can anyone possibly believe that? It is beyond incomprehensible.

Yet many thousands are protesting outside hospitals around the country. And as we know we have had many protesting in Bournemouth.

Protesting the virus is a hoax, protesting against their human rights, protesting against wearing masks.

The only way then to counter this, and the matter of fake exemption cards bought online, it that wearing masks in shops has to be mandatory forthwith.

As one doctor has said, coming off an exhausting 12 hour shift, it is heartbreaking to have protestors outside the hospital claiming it is all fake news.

Fact is medical staff are wearing PPE masks for up to 12 hours a day. And staff in outlets are themselves wearing masks or visas many hours a day.

How dreadful then that so many are still coming into shops and supermarkets with no mask on. Everyone is a potential virus transmitter if not wearing a protective mask.

On the positive side I have seen a number of outlets now in our areas with signs up: “No mask, no admittance.”

This is absolutely right. But far more is needed. Government must make wearing of masks mandatory and immediately.

If not such a criminal waste of the lockdown when so many are treating it all with self-centred contempt, and in that spreading the virus ever onwards.


Charminister Road, Charminster