MORE than 200 people were admitted to Dorset hospitals with coronavirus in the space of a week, latest figures show.

Data released by NHS England shows, between December 28 and January 3, 204 people were admitted to hospital with Covid-19.

At the University Hospitals Dorset Trust, 142 patients were admitted, including 29 on December 30, 23 on December 28 and 24 on January 2.

Forty patients were admitted to the Dorset County Hospital, including 11 on December 30, and 22 were admitted to the Dorset Healthcare Trust.

As of January 5, the University Hospitals Dorset Trust had 205 coronavirus patients, 16 of which required mechanical ventilation.

The Dorset County Hospital had 35 patients, four on mechanical ventilation, and the Dorset Healthcare Trust had 32 patients, none on mechanical ventilation.