Once Victoria Beckham revealed she starts her day with a couple of teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, drinking vinegars have experienced a boom.

However, the Japanese have sipped fruit or honey infused vinegars for centuries both after and between meals, not only for nose-tingling refreshment, but also to balance the pH levels in the imbiber's stomach, relieve stress and, in some cases, aid in weight loss (some studies have shown that drinking vinegar while eating enhances how ‘full’ a person feels).

But what many people might not know is that healthy drinking vinegars are also great as an alcohol replacement, offering a tasty solution for Dry January too!

The Wasabi Company, with wasabi farms in Hampshire and Dorset, sells an array of Japanese ingredients and products, including a range of vinegars made by the Marusho family.

With four generations of experience behind them and techniques dating back more than 200 years, all their vinegars are made with locally grown rice, water from the Kumano mountains and only the finest natural ingredients to flavour. Finally, they are fermented and aged for 90 to 500 days in Japanese cedar wood casks.

The Wasabi Company stocks 14 different vinegars all of which can transform savoury dressings, dips and marinades while others are made to drink with water, add to cocktails or work well in sauces for soft fruit and ice cream.

These vinegars are well balanced with fruit, acidity and sweetness that when mixed with water they feel dry to the mouth, giving the sensation of drinking alcohol, but with a slightly fruity taste that’s superior to many alcohol free drinks on the market.

For the perfect serve, simply pour between 5ml -10ml of the vinegar over ice and add either still or sparkling water. They can be served as a long drink, in a wine glass as a wine substitute, or if whisky is your normal preferred tipple, in a tumbler.