AN uninsured driver “took a risk” and drove his Porsche “erratically” to pick up takeaway food in Bournemouth.

Officers from the Dorset Police No Excuse team stopped the Porsche, which was registered to Qatar, after seeing it drive “erratically” through Bournemouth town centre.

A spokesperson for the No Excuse team said: “When stopped the 23-year-old male from Qatar provided an insurance document that expired on the December 31, 2020, the driver was aware it had expired but took a risk to collect takeaway food.

“The vehicle was in poor condition with bald tyres, and heavily tinted windows, again the driver was aware of these issues and knew the vehicle wasn’t legal to be on the road.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Dorset Police No ExcusePicture: Dorset Police No Excuse

“The driver paid £1500 to ship the vehicle over from Qatar before Christmas.

“The driver received a ticket for the offences and the vehicle was seized, not only for the insurance not being held but for being in a dangerous condition too.

“The vehicle will be not be released back to the owner until it’s been examined, a report will be conducted and those faults will need to be addressed before the vehicle is allowed back on the road.”