YEAR 3 pupils at Brockenhurst Primary School have found a creative and engaging way to remind everyone of the importance of recycling, and keeping our villages and towns litter free.

They are pictured showing off their copies of 00 Tree, Secret Agent of the New Forest, written by Ashurst author Susie Laan.

Pupils were gifted the books, which follows a group of children on a mission to clear the forest of rubbish, by Richard and Karen Dance who run Welcome Co-op in Brockenhurst.

After reading the book, Snow Leopards class were inspired to create their own plastic waste tree which has been displayed in pride of place in the shop.

Year 3 teacher Sam Wilcox told the Echo: “We started by creating our own 00 tree from the plastic waste we had in our bins. Later, we researched plastic pollution life cycles and the problems that this was causing to our oceans and sea life. We wrote letters of protest to our local MP Julian Lewis, asking him to bring it up with the Prime Minister.

“So that people are aware of the impacts that they have and what they can do about it, the Snow Leopards class have also created instructions on how to go single-use plastic free. This has been a lovely project.”

Welcome Co-op has a number of eco initiatives and plastic free choices, including a refill system for toiletries. The tree is in pride of place to remind everyone how important it is to dispose of your rubbish responsibly and the book is also on sale.

All proceeds of 00 Tree, Secret Agent of the New Forest go to wildlife charities.

Susie writes and illustrates children’s books about elephants and other wildlife to raise money for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, which funds conservation projects in Africa and Asia.

A Year 3 parent also said: “I just wanted to say thank you for the work you have been doing with Brockenhurst Primary and for the books you gave them - my daughter is in Year 3 and was so excited at making the plastic tree to go into Welcome, and loved getting the book ‘from the lady from co-op’! I think what you’re doing in our community is just brilliant, and it spurred me on to get organised and start using your refill system for shampoo etc (which is lovely!!). I now cannot believe how much plastic I had been wasting previously even if it was going off to be recycled, and will be recommending it. I just wanted to say thanks, inspirational work you guys are doing.”