Many of us may be looking to introduce a healthier diet to our lives as we kick off 2021.

For Phil Glendinning, switching to a more plant-based lifestyle has had a truly transformative effect – so much so that he has now produced a book, Grow, Cook & Eat Vegan, in a bid to show others how to enhance their wellbeing.

Phil's journey began in 2018 when he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, undergoing an intensive course of radiotherapy at Poole Hospital.

"One of the many side-effects of this treatment was an intolerance to meat products and I found I could only eat plant-based foods," he says.

"So during my recuperation I started to research a more vegan lifestyle and experimented with recipes, as you can only eat so many vegetable casseroles!"

Bournemouth Echo: Philip Glendinning, author of Grow Cook & Eat VeganPhilip Glendinning, author of Grow Cook & Eat Vegan

Keen gardener Phil had to give up the gardening business he had just started in Bournemouth after quitting the London rat race where he ran his own hotel and catering recruitment company.

But he turned his passion to putting together a book combining growing ideas and basic recipes, while growing and cooking his own organic produce at home.

"I loved gardening, so decided to try growing vegetables using vegan techniques to see the difference between normal vegetable growing and vegan growing," says Phil, who is now on the road to recovery.

"The writing of this book took my mind off the illness and side effects and also offered me a more healthy lifestyle.

"Turning to a more plant based diet has lead me to lose weight, helped my mental heath by feeling more positive, given me more energy and also a sense of satisfaction that I am helping the planet, if only in a very small way."

He describes Grow, Cook & Eat Vegan as the ultimate guide to simple, homegrown meals, packed with recipes, diet plans, gardening tips and even grocery lists, and hopes the book will inspire people to enjoy simple and healthy plant-based meals.

"I am now not a full time vegan but have adopted a more vegan lifestyle," says Phil.

"With the book I was trying to show people it is fairly easy to incorporate veganism within their everyday life, full-time or part-time. It will lead to a healthier lifestyle and is also kinder to the planet."


Grow, Cook & Eat Vegan is available now, priced £14.99