As far as I can see all the lockdowns have not only not worked but done more harm than good.

The death rate from non Covid19 will probably exceed that of Covid 19.

We are burning our and our neighbours house down to deal with a wasps nest.

We are totally unprepared to deal with any other virus or its mutation surely coming our way.

So in brief what would I do?

Ban non essential foreign travel except for one holiday a year.

Ban mass gatherings of more than 50 people.

Close schools until further notice.

Requisition private hospitals and invest in NHS intensive care units and staffing.

Pay care workers a decent wage so they don't have to do several jobs.

Allow small shops to open.

Get people back to work.

Whilst I would take the vaccine there is no guarantee it will work long term and there is almost certainty that there will be new variants and viruses that it will be ineffective on.

The truth is we are massively overcrowded and living beyond our means.

Nature is dealing with that.

Bill Brandwood