Mary Randall (Echo letter 29.12.20) describes how lovely it was that Conor Burns MP helped his local community with a Salvation Army meal -run and benefit-follow up.

Tracy Brabin, a former Coronation Street star, now Shadow Culture Minister, has led an adjournment debate in the House of Commons.

She has called attention to the much -loved show's recent 60 year anniversary, highlighting the need for working-class jobs in the arts and culture industries.

Conor Burns contributed to the debate and suggested Boris Johnson could pay a 'thank you' visit to Weatherfield.

Will Coronation Street still be here in 60 years time?

Will it be reflecting pandemics, flooding, hunger and migration?

Now that beefy reports are warning us all of the dramatic loss of ice on Planet Earth I hope Conor Burns will join the chorus for decarbonisation at speed and scale to help protect his constituents as well as busy Northern thespians.

Susan Chapman