CHRISTCHURCH’S oldest pub have been forced to close its doors until further notice due to the current coronavirus restrictions.

The Ye Olde George Inn on Castle Street announced on Sunday December 20 that they will be "temporarily closing".

Changes to the Covid-19 rules, brought into force on the weekend, mean that alcohol can only be served in pubs and restaurants that serve substantial food, with 'wet pubs' and bars that don't serve food forced to close.

As of yet, the Stonegate owned pub have not announced when they will be reopening but have told customers they “hope to see you again soon”.

In an announcement made on their website on Sunday, a spokesperson for Stonegate Pub Company said: “Due to the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ye Olde George Inn will be temporarily closing its doors at 11pm on December 20.

“We look forward to hosting you again soon.”