Bournemouth’s biggest private sector employer J.P. Morgan have donated £1,000 to the HealthBus, allowing them to restock on essential items to continue their support for homeless individuals in the town.

The HealthBus Team support and provide medical care to the homeless in emergency accommodation and those who are sleeping rough.

The generous donation has meant that the HealthBus have been able to purchase a fogging machine to sterilize their bus before and after meeting with clients, ensuring the space is Covid safe.

HealthBus Operations Director Kate Hibbitt said: “One of the items was a portable fogger machine which is a fantastic piece of equipment.

“It uses a fine spray to apply a chemical solution to a vehicle, room, furniture etc., and sanitises the area and most importantly kills Covid-19 in twenty to thirty minutes.”

The fogger is used at the start of each session to make sure the area is a clinically safe place to see and treat patients.

The HealthBus Team has been able to see patients face to face at multiple locations across Bournemouth.

“We have also purchased two infrared thermometers so that patients could be checked for Covid-19 symptoms and the temperature of each patient is then recorded,” added Kate.

“Our Nurse now has a blood pressure measuring device and the remaining funds will go towards kitting out our new bus, when it is purchased, with further medical equipment.

“The Trustees and the HealthBus Team are so grateful to J.P. Morgan for their very kind donation.”