POLICE won a game of hide and seek with suspected poachers in Purbeck.

Officers followed a vehicle after it accelerated away from them as they carried out patrols yesterday.

Checks on the registration revealed the occupants are known for poaching offences so Purbeck Police followed the vehicle.

A spokesman said: "They left us for dust so we just carried on until we reached a junction. As luck would have it we chose the right direction and as we got to another village there was the same car.

"It was clear the occupants did not want police to stop them so after it drove off it seemed to disappear but we are better at hide and seek than they are so we spotted the car trying to hide from us. Other officers arrived and dealt with the individuals, one of which was not too happy with us."

Officers urged the public to report poaching offences on 999 if they are in progress or on 101.