IF these are the lockdown guidelines, I’m at a loss to understand under what auspices the high street coffee shops, Subway and KFC are open?

Yes to takeaway food and drinks but takeaway to where?

Gatherings in the high street where there is seating, gatherings in the bus station and Poole Park.

I thought takeaways were click and collect or delivered – not stand inside and mingle whilst food and drinks are prepared? No social distancing to be seen.

Wilko and Robert Dyas – hardware? Hardly! Yes, half an aisle of cup hooks and curtain tracks - but hardly essentials!

This lockdown is a mockery and I just see traders looking for ways to get round the rules – even trading from trestle tables at the door.

I hear hospital admissions are rising significantly too.

I see my personal Christmas plans and hopes fast disappearing over the horizon thanks to the selfishness of others.

I hope the Covid wardens are challenging these businesses and people out and about. I witnessed a schoolgirl challenging and swearing at a PCSO on the bus station yesterday. Her friends, in uniform, gathered round and sniggered. Her parents must be so proud!

Why was I out to see this?

To buy food for me and elderly neighbours who’ve been instructed to shield.

Walk to Poole through the park and bus home!

Let’s all support each other.


Park Road, Poole