DISAPPOINTING news has been shared by chocoholics over a competition that was wildly shared on social media

A page on Facebook was promoting a contest where people could win £250 of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

However, officers from Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit has debunked the competition and shared an important warning.

A spokesperson for the team said: "Don't get us wrong, the thought of £250 worth of Dairy Milk does sound pretty great. But once again, we have to burst some bubbles.

"Much like the gorilla playing the drums in the advert, and equally as disappointing, this competition isn't real. It's a fake page, using an image taken from elsewhere online."

Police said there were a few telltale signs that not was all as it seemedn.

"Firstly, the page was created yesterday and Cadbury have been on Facebook for quite a lot longer than that," the spokesperson said. "Secondly, there are 13 potential winners, but 25 boxes on show. Lastly, going by their page, Cadbury appear to have gone in to the motorhome business.

"Pages like this are designed to build a big following. Once they are sufficiently popular, they will either be sold, or rebranded and used for something more nefarious.

"Think about it. How often do you go back and unlike a page after a giveaway has finished? Probably not very often. So when that page is rebranded, it will still appear in your news feed. This gives the scammers a very easy way to get their dodgy links and websites in to your news feed.

"Take the time to check these pages before you comment, like and share. You'll soon realise things aren't what they seem."