BRITAIN’S oldest person, who lives in Swanage, is celebrating her 112th birthday today.

Sarah Lilian Priest, known as Lilian, is celebrating her big day at York House Care Home.

Owner Richard Wylie and manager Amanda Mansbridge, along with all the staff at the home, said they are “very proud” to be looking after Lilian, who has lived in York House for nearly nine years.

Lilian was very pleased to receive her card from the Queen and many birthday greetings from family and friends, as she now becomes the oldest person in the UK.

Wendy, Lilian’s daughter said: “I thinks it is an amazing achievement.

“Mum is an inspiration to us all. She has always been positive and not one to give in and we are all very proud of her.”

Lilian's birthday comes two weeks after the death of Britain's previous oldest person, 112-year-old Joan Hocquard, who passed away at her home in Poole on Saturday, October 24.

To mark her special day, York House Care Home are throwing a party for residents and staff members.

A staff member at York House said: "Today is all about Lilian.

"We are just having a party and celebrating her life.

"Her daughter Wendy has been down to see her but she has not been able to come in because of the precautions we have in place due to the coronavirus.

"She can see her mum through the window but unfortunately that is as much as we can do for her today. We have to consider Lilian's health and the wellbeing of the rest of our residents."

Born in Tredegar, South Wales in 1908, Lilian moved south to Bournemouth in 1926 and eventually moved to Swanage with her late husband Arthur in 1969.

While Lilian mentioned there is no secret to living to such a great age, her daughter Wendy said she has "always been very active and walked a great deal".

Lilian and Arthur travelled a great deal visiting places such as Russia, Australia, Romania, Yugoslavia and Spain and, until their early 80's, Lilian and Arthur frequently played tennis in Swanage.

Lilian has two grandchildren and four great grandchildren. She also has a sister Gwen, aged 108, and family living in Australia and a nephew Brian and family still living in Tredegar.