I FEEL I must congratulate the Government, the NHS and the volunteers at the Creekmoore Testing Station, the service and kindness was second to none.

I had been bed-bound from Monday after picking up a “bug”, my youngest daughter Nina, always vigilant, decided I should have a Covid 19 test.

There was I all snug in bed – phone call – get dressed we have an appointment, she drove her mother’s car so we could isolate by distance, we arrived at Creekmoore at 7pm, was warmly welcomed and the procedure explained, had the test and was home and back in bed by 7:45pm, now that is service – the Government is doing what it said it would.

Well done everyone and all I can say is do not be fools – read and follow the rules, with this on our minds we shall get through this terrible virus.


Sandy Lane, Upton