HALLOWEEN is on our doorstep and the spooky season is upon us, which is why we have compiled a list of haunted hotels in Dorset.

Spine-tingling stories have been shared, but would you be brave enough to stay at any of these hotels?

Langtry Manor Hotel, Bournemouth

Bournemouth Echo: Langtry Manor. PHOTO: © 2014 Oana BrasoveanuLangtry Manor. PHOTO: © 2014 Oana Brasoveanu

A lady in white has been seen to haunt this building, which is believed to have been commissioned in 1877 by Edward VII as gift for his mistress Lillie Langtry.

The house became a hotel in the 1930s and during the 1970s, the grey form of a woman, thought to be Langtry, was spotted several times by the hotel's chef.

All this told, there is no historical documentation which links the building to Langtry - the story looks as if it was constructed around the 1940s, which means that the ghostly grey lady remains unidentified.

The Grosvenor Hotel, Shaftesbury

Bournemouth Echo: The Grosvenor HotelThe Grosvenor Hotel

The Grosvenor Hotel, which started life as a 16th century coaching inn, has been voted the fifth most haunted hotel in the UK and has had visitors report some very spooky happenings.

On the upper floors of the hotel, a grey lady is said to been seen walking the corridors.

The cellar, which is the oldest part of the building, is said to be the haunt of a monk, which has been seen by several witnesses. And, according to guests, the ghost of a playful young girl likes to frighten people by pulling off the sheets as they sleep at night.

The Crown Hotel, Poole

Bournemouth Echo: The Crown HotelThe Crown Hotel

The Crown Hotel in the Old Town area of Poole is host to several spooky goings on, such as lights turning on and off, the ghostly sound of a piano being played and two children crying and yelling.

These occurrences are attributed to the tale that the building in Market Street is said to have been home to two children who were locked up by a parent and left to die.

They now haunt the premises with their eerie cries.

Further afield, two hotels in Bridport are believed to be haunted.

The Greyhound, Bridport

Bournemouth Echo: The GreyhoundThe Greyhound

This pub was formerly a hotel and there is speculation that it is haunted by Walter Trump, a former owner of the premises.

According to Adrian Clements from West Dorset Ghost Walks, Walter has been encountered floating up the staircase.

His children have also been heard playing in the corridor and outside of the rooms.

The Bull Hotel, Bridport 

Bournemouth Echo: The Bull HotelThe Bull Hotel

The Bull Hotel is haunted by several ghosts, says Adrian.  A Wadham Strangways was killed outside of the building during a skirmish of the Monmouth Rebellion. He haunts an upstairs room, where he bled to death.

Also, little girl haunts the ladies toilets, turning the light on and off and tugging at ladies clothes.

People have also spotted a lady dressed in tweed in the lobby area.

Have you encountered any paranormal activity in any of these hotels?