I FEEL I must respond to the letter titled ‘MPs do not go hungry’ written by your very esteemed contributor Jeff Williams from Parkstone.

He gives many examples, figures for universal credit, payday loans, children home for half term.

Check out the cupboard’s, potatoes, porridge, eggs, milk, beans, cheap sausages, bread, jam and not much more.

Come off it Mr Williams, nobody is going to starve on that lot, in fact it reminds me of my childhood and possibly yours and I would suggest we certainly didn’t starve.

He then goes on to give examples of menus of highly subsidised restaurants through the Palace of Westminster.

He further states that no one MP or Lord goes hungry in the Houses of Parliament and that is far more than can be said for millions of youngsters throughout the UK.

Really? Mr Williams, millions of hungry youngsters in the UK? You use the term hungry, but give the impression that what you are implying is starving, it is simply misleading.

Where are the hungry youngsters Mr Williams, do you know any of them? Because surely unless they could be identified how can they be helped.

As a child I was often hungry, as are a lot of children today, it’s part of being a child, always hungry, but I was certainly never starving.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy