THE driver of a special edition Lamborghini was issued with a £100 ticket from police in Bournemouth.

Officers stopped the super car, of which they are reportedly only six in the United Kingdom, in the Wallisdown Road area on Sunday evening after they noticed it did not have a front number plate.

Members of Dorset Police's No Excuse Team said the driver claimed the plate had just fallen off but they issued him with a financial punishment for this offence.

A spokesperson for the team said: "This £340k special edition Lamborghini with only 6 in the UK was spotted in the Wallisdown area last night with no front number plate.

"I’m sure you can guess what had happened? It had just fallen off!

"It is strange how it never happens on our vehicles, despite the mileage and speeds we operate at?

"A ticket was issued for £100 - not displaying a front number plate."