I AM not in the least surprised to find out that Bournemouth is the second worst place for drivers.

In Westbourne everyday the 4x4 drivers wait on the pavement and double yellow lines (some with engines running) while they nip in and get a coffee.

Same thing round by the post office. Never a traffic warden there to catch them.

On the A338 spur road most drivers are in the outside lane all the way down and if you drive at a slower speed you are subject to road rage.

Then they now slow down for the average speed cameras but as soon as they get near the Cooper Dean flyover its foot down till the static camera then off again till the next one.

Then there is the weaving in and out of the cars just to get one car in front.

Sadly if you are a stranger to these parts you have no chance as the idiots sound horns, flash lights and make rude hand signals.

Yes the police could make a fortune just in two areas alone.

I am afraid that the driving standards here in Bournemouth and surrounding areas are shocking.


Virginia Close, Verwood