SCHOOL uniforms are dark coloured.

The Highway Code requires that cyclists wear light or fluorescent clothing.

It is admirable that so many local schools are promoting cycling to school, particularly as Covid is now affecting public transport.

I appreciate that making rules as to what pupils can wear on the ride to and from school is a very grey area legally.

However, if the schools made wearing hi vis compulsory in the school grounds this would at least mean pupils had protective clothing with them, and make it more likely they would wear it during the journey.

There are usually cars in school grounds, albeit travelling slowly, so that wearing hi vis would keep the children safer at school.

The rule could also apply to staff on bikes in the school grounds, to set a good example to pupils.

If someone is on the road and not following the Highway Code at the time, they are more likely to be found at least partly responsible for it.

This applies to car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

With the dark evenings coming, pedestrians should consider the rules on reflective flashes.

There is a good illustration of this in the Highway Code.

No one has to wear these, but if you are hit by a car or bike in poor light, again, you could be considered partly responsible for the accident if you were in dark clothing.

More cycling and walking has health benefits not just for the people doing it, but for the whole community.

The noise of traffic contributes to Alzheimer’s and the fumes affect heart conditions and people with breathing issues.

With hospitals experiencing higher demand because of Covid again, it may become more difficult to get treatment for conditions triggered by traffic fumes.

Poole has been introducing very successful low traffic neighbourhoods, safer for pedestrians and cyclists, all through the decades that I have been lucky enough to live here.

With the need to walk and cycle more for health, pollution and now climate change reasons.

I hope that this letter helps the very people making these changes, that benefit everyone, to stay safer.


Britannia Road, Poole