THE step-father of murder accused police officer Timothy Brehmer said the defendant “retains the resolute support of his family”, a court has heard.

Evidence concluded in the trial of Brehmer, accused of murdering lover Claire Parry in the Horns Inn car park in West Parley on May 9.

Brehmer, 41, of Hordle, New Forest, admits causing the death of nurse Mrs Parry, 41, of Bournemouth, but denies murder.

The defendant cried in the dock at Salisbury Crown Court on October 22 as statements from some of his close friends and family were read to the jury.

Roger Chivers, who married Brehmer’s mother when the defendant was 26, said he “does not like confrontation or violence and will go to great lengths to avoid it”.

Mr Chivers said: “I am aware that he is determined to provide an honest account of his actions and will take full responsibility for them

"Tim retains the resolute support of his family."

Vivian Bedford, who met Brehmer through the police force ten years ago, said: “I found him to be extremely courteous to members of the public, at work I considered us to be friends.

“At no time have I seen Tim lose his temper or be aggressive.

“I am aware that Tim is full of remorse for all the hurt he has caused. Despite the current case I still believe Tim to be a man of integrity.”

Fiona Adams, teacher at Brehmer’s son’s school, said in her statement that the defendant would often voluntarily talk to school pupils about his work in the police.

She added: “The shock of what has happened I cannot describe well enough as being worlds apart from Tim's temperament."

Brehmer is accused of strangling Mrs Parry because he was “so enraged” after she sent a text to his wife revealing their affair.

The defendant claims he accidentally killed Mrs Parry after he “bundled” into the car to try and push her out so he could kill himself and his arm “must have slipped up in the melee”.

Andrew Smith, who lives opposite the Horns Inn, was weeding at the time of the statement.

In his witness statement, which was read in court for the first time on Thursday, he said: “At approximately 3.15pm to 3.30pm I was weeding, I heard some shouting and assumed it was kids.

“I heard a horn, it was sounded two or three times and I thought it was the horn of a motorbike.

“I looked over the road and saw a man sat in the driveway of a pub and a man and woman on a bike.

"I then went inside and then heard sirens. I assumed the man had fallen off his bike."

Brehmer denies murder, the trial continues.