Are you looking for a picture-perfect pumpkin patch to visit with the family this half term? 

Well, look no further as Dorset Country Pumpkins have opened their doors for the first time this year, despite the global coronavirus pandemic.

Free entry and parking means that families are able to pay just for the pumpkins they choose, there are also local food vendors on the site so you can fill up after your harvest. 

The Millers have been farming at Longclose Farm in Blandford Forum for 80 years, harvesting crops including kale, wheat, oats and barley. 

A real 'family affair' the farm is run by Michael and Vicki Miller alongside their sons Queton and Justin and their daughter Georgina. 

This year the family have had all hands on deck and have even enlisted the help of Alice and Kelly, Quenton and Justin's respective wives, with the pumpkin growing. 

Kelly, a solicitor, said: "Alice and I were both really keen to get more involved and the pumpkin patch was a great way to do that.

"The farming side of it all is much more technical but this is actually something we could help with."

Following a very wet autumn last year, part of the wheat crop failed to germinate and there was a large bare patch in the corner of one of the fields.

Having always had aspirations to diversify and try a novel crop such as pumpkins the family farm decided to make this dream become reality.

However, like all of us the coronavirus pandemic came as a shock to the family farm who were transporting their pumpkins by hand from their greenhouse to the patch during lockdown.

Kelly said: "We were worried we wouldn't be able to open at all because lockdown seemed to be going on and on. 

"But as restrictions became eased it was clear we would just need to change our plans a little bit to make it all work."

Bournemouth Echo:

On entrance to the patch there is a one-way system in operation as well as a range of sanitising stations around the site. 

Visitors are asked to bring their masks and adhere to social distancing in the one and a-half acre patch. 

The pumpkin patch has been hand watered and weeded with no herbicides or pesticides being used to ensure the crop is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

There are a whole host of varieties to choose from including all different shapes and sizes as well as different shades of orange and white pumpkins to suit even the wackiest Jack o'Lantern.

Ensuring they are as inclusive as possible, the farm has a ramp, quad bike and buggy to make sure that everyone can enjoy this festival family tradition.

Kelly said: "We've had some visitors who have trouble walking so we make sure we take them up to the field and back with the buggy so they don't have to walk too far."

There are also carts to transport your heavy pumpkins and Hallowe'en inspired hay bales for that coveted Autumnal family picture.

Pumpkins are flying out of the field and Kelly said:

"We planned to stay open until October, 31, but I don't think we'll have any left by then!" 

They range from £2 to £10 and are priced on size not weight, to help parents know how much their little ones are picking up before they get to the checkout.

To find out more and to keep up to date with opening times, check out their Facebook page.

Will you be visiting a pumpkin patch this Hallowe'en? Let us know in the comments.