RESIDENTS have complained and urged to council to build a pavement to stop speeding down a busy village road.

People living in Salisbury Road in Sopley have started parking outside their homes in order to slow the traffic.

Phil Emmel, 67, told the Daily Echo: “During lockdown people realised how beautiful the village can be.

“They also realised people were speeding through the village horrendously. People were getting frustrated.

“The county council promised a pavement but haven’t done anything.

“How in the 21st century do we have to argue to have a pavement in a village.

“It is a beautiful village but only has one pavement. It’s a catch 22 because they won’t do anything until there is an accident, we don’t want that to happen.”

Katrina West added: “I have lived there for more than 35 years and what’s happened over the years is the road takes priority, it is a great pity.

“We accept we have traffic come through the village, primarily the problem is the speed.

“We have a 40mph road which goes down to 30mph, it is about enforcing that speed limit.

“To get speed cameras we were told it is down to statistics and fatalities, it is not very good.”

Ms West said there has been lots of “near misses” in the village and added it is hard for some residents, especially the elderly people, to cross the road safely.

She continued: “I do feel driver’s behaviour is very negative. It is a beautiful village people can slow down and look around.

“Maybe we need something to narrow the road or a pedestrian crossing would be most helpful.

“The trouble is from the A31 you come off on to the Ringwood Road, it is a lovely road and suddenly you are in Sopley. I know there has been a few close shaves.

“I want to be able to live her in older age but it will be a struggle. It is a shame.”

Councillor Rob Humby, executive member for economy, transport and environment at Hampshire County Council, said: “Safety is our highest priority. The County Council regularly analyses injury accident data to determine what interventions could be introduced to reduce the number of people injured on our roads and prioritises road safety measures within our reduced resources in this way.

“In Salisbury Road in Sopley, we have worked with the parish council to provide traffic calming measures, such as the installation of an island with signs on the B3347, and installed some sections of new footway over the years – although I appreciate there are areas, such as outside the Woolpack pub, where there is no footway.

“I completely understand how much local communities value traffic management measures in towns and villages across Hampshire, and, for this reason, we have put a system in place whereby town and parish councils can fund some straightforward local traffic management enhancements themselves, which the County Council will help to develop and implement on their behalf.

“This provides local communities with the opportunity to promote what they believe is right where they live.

We would ask local town and parish councils to contact their county councillor in the first instance, to discuss and progress proposals.”