WHATEVER Jack Oakley believes (Letters, Oct 17) is the amount of pollution the cruise ships are producing, it does not alter the fact that they are temporary but the wind turbines will be permanent.

He thinks people are quite happy with the ships but not the windmills.

The reason for this is because most people, probably even many of those with environmental concerns, understand why the ships are here even if they would rather they were not.

It is quite sad that in such an unfortunate situation the world is in at the moment, the presence of a few cruise ships for that very reason is being used by some environmentalists to spread their green messages.

Mr Oakely says we would seem to prefer to see a wall of of steel ships as opposed to the elegant turbines.

On the contrary, neither on a permanent basis would be acceptable.

Regarding the largest of the liners, she is actually six miles out in 60ft of water and not one mile offshore as he suggests.

And the others are only marginally closer, they look closer from the shore than they actually are. And I have been out to them, so I know.

Mr Oakely you need to do your research rather than saying it is me that needs to do mine, you have got your facts quite wrong.


Terrace Road, Bournemouth