THE panel of liberal, do-gooders who decided that the heartless killer Russell Causley, should be freed from jail – rejecting pleas from his wife’s family for him to remain behind bars until he reveals what he did with his wife’s body – should be ashamed of themselves.

Surely anyone released from prison should be required demonstrate that they are genuinely sorry for their crimes? In steadfastly refusing to end the lifelong anguish of Carole Packman’s family, Causley has shown that he has no remorse for his appalling crime.

The panel concluded that he should be released on the grounds that he had served 23 years behind bars, is in poor health, assessed his release as posing ‘medium’ risk to the public and that he would be unlikely to cause serious harm to his victim’s family.

Where do these (undoubtedly well-paid) people who make up these panels live on?

Cloud-cuckoo land?

Causley is already causing serious mental harm to his wife’s family by refusing them the opportunity to put a much-loved mother and grandmother to rest.

So what if he is in poor health? If there were any real justice he would have been hanged for his crime long ago - but, as that is no longer an option in this country for even the most heinous of crimes, unrepentant monsters like Causley should die behind bars.

It’s a crying shame that the people who decided to grant Causley his freedom could not show a fraction of their (misplaced) sympathy towards the family of the woman he murdered – who will never be released from their life sentence.

Releasing Causley from jail is just twisting the knife in their wound.

How on earth do these out-of-touch buffoons sleep at night?


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth