THE grandson of murderer Russell Causley said his grandfather should not be released from prison as he has shown no signs of rehabilitation.

Causley, who murdered Carole Packman in 1985, was due to be granted parole next week.

But Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has asked for that decision to be reconsidered.

Causley’s grandson, Neil Gillingham, said: “Mr grandfather has never attended a rehabilitation course, not once.

“We are arguing, if you can’t control him in a prison how can you control him in an open environment.

“I have not got an issue if the man has rehabilitated, I am not about continued punishment.

“He hasn’t even given us a solid account of what happened. Give us a solid account because you are a liar and you will keep on lying.”

Causley killed his wife Carole Packman in 1985 and has continually refused to reveal what he did with his victim’s remains.

He has changed his account over what happened in Bournemouth 35 years ago several times.

He has twice been convicted of murdering Mrs Packman, in 1996 and 2004, and is serving a life sentence.

His daughter Samantha alongside Mr Gillingham have long campaigned for Causley to stay behind bars until he revealed what he did with the remains.

Mr Gillingham continued: “If you can go out and kill in such a way it wipes them off the face of this earth, that can only be achieved by someone of a certain calibre.

“This is an injustice of my grandmother. I ask people to please keep track of this.

“If he is released we will be forgotten, until it happens again to another family.

“We need this appeal to serve as a precedent.”

Mr Gillingham said an independent judge from the parole board will now decide if the appeal has a case.

They can then reject the appeal, request the same parole panel sit once more or they can appoint a new panel.