IN just over three months, millions of Brexiteers will find out what they voted for.

“Get our country back”, “Take back control”, “The will of the people”, “Get Brexit done” will, finally, after four long years, become reality.

The end of membership of the 500 million-strong EU customs union and single market. The end of free movement of goods, services, capital, and people.

From this reckless Johnson government, with the very worst of all outcomes, No Deal Brexit, from January 2021 we will have:

  • The end of the EU Health Insurance Card. Highly expensive travel insurance needed on all visits to EU countries.
  • Need for international driving licence in many EU countries.
  • End of mobile phone free roaming. Return of hyper expensive mobile phone calls.
  • At borders between EU countries, including British ports/airports, travellers will have to go through customs.
  • Immigration, and emigration, to and from EU countries, becomes vastly more complex. We see the end of UK students' free to study in any EU country.
  • And trade? With complex custom processes, lorries coming through channel ports as from January 1, 2021, predicted to back-up in their thousands. Some 5,000 new customs officers have had to be recruited.

And this without factoring in massive loss, if not in whole sectors such as farming, collapse of trade with EU countries.

And Ireland? No-one knows. Huge tensions now on the whole issue with Johnson government seeking to renege on agreements signed by HM government only 12 months ago.

If then this political gambling leads to a hard border this then is high risk of destabalising 20 years peace and prosperity for all the people in Ireland.

And that being the case, say goodbye to any and all trade agreements with USA. Democrat or Republican led. Trump of all people has made this clear.

And why are we doing this to our country? Enormous self-inflicted damage for decades to come.

All the evidence, albeit deeply buried in financial bunkers, could not be clearer, large groups of super-wealthy in our country massively funded the Brexit campaign to protect, at all costs, the City of London.

The centre of the world’s super global tax haven network, under threat from EU wide anti-money laundering, anti-tax haven legislation.

That in my book stands foursquare as the reason above all reasons driving Brexit. Anyone has to only look at the super-wealthy funding Brexit from Rees-Mogg, to Arron Banks to Crispin Odey (made £220million in one night betting on Brexit).

The super-wealthy are now gasping huge sighs of relief, super wealth in City of London safe from those dreadful Europeans seeking to close British controlled greed driven tax havens.

The rest of us, January 2021, left in the slipstream wondering what has hit us. Is this what we voted for?


Jubilee Road, Parkstone

Just raw cynicism

NEVER particularly troubled by having any principles other than self-advancement and ‘power for power’s sake’, the Conservative Party’s opportunism in bringing about the vote of no confidence should come as no surprise.

With a cynicism that could almost be admired in its rawness – a cynicism which leaves you wondering what their first reactions were upon hearing of the deaths of two Unity Alliance councillors – they want to force their shallow mediocrity upon us again.

Members of the Unity Alliance should take heart from the fact that their councillors represent almost two-thirds of those who voted in the 2019 BCP election. What the Conservatives fear most is that at future elections, the Alliance will put forward candidates jointly agreed amongst the coalition’s members: stay together and win again, this time better!

Name and address supplied

Wrong for the area

I HAVE resided in Stour Way for 30 years and have seen many changes in my time.

I remember when developers put proposals in for the copse on the corner, it was turned down because it was not suitable for the area.

If the care home development goes ahead, what excuse would the council give to future proposals by developers to turn down planning applications for a care home on that site? The mind boggles!

I am well aware there is a shortage of care homes in the conurbation, but the proposed development is totally wrong for this area on many accounts, primarily the traffic problems. Probably continuous throughout the day and night with ambulances, visitors, delivery vans etc. At the best of times it’s not the easiest road to negotiate with parked cars on both sides of Hurn Way.

Vehicles will also create congestion problems along surrounding minor roads. Then there is the loss of trees, all of which have tree protection orders on them. I could go on and on.

I’ll wager the members of the planning committee do not live down Hurn Way!


Stour Way, Christchurch

Masking message

I USE all the buses daily.

It’s high time they all displayed notices similar to private hire cars.

“No mask? No exemption? No ride.”

Geoff Beard-Walker

Withermoor Road, Winton

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