THREE stranded kayakers were rescued from Brownsea Island and a search mounted for a fourth who went missing.

Poole Coastguard Rescue Team and Poole Lifeboat was called to the group, who were cold and struggling with tides at 3.45pm yesterday.

They were told that the fourth person had attempted to carry on to Baiter and the remaining three had lost sight of him.

Both Poole lifeboats were launched to retrieve the three stranded and start a search for the fourth.

They called Poole Coastguard to conduct searches ashore and investigate the home address.

As the Coastguard team arrived, news came through, that the fourth kayaker had made it ashore safely and had since been reunited with the remainder of the group.

Safety advice was given.

Poole Lifeboat volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark said: "Conditions were very choppy out in the harbour and challenging. The kayakers did the right thing calling 999 to ask for help.

"If you are at all in doubt, it is always better to be safe than sorry, as conditions can change very quickly."