A DRIVER speeding at 90mph in a 40 zone told police: "Sorry, I was showing off to my mates - I floored it."

He said one of his friends told him there were no speed cameras on a stretch of Ringwood Road, Bear Cross.

But officers from the Dorset Police No Excuse team stopped the VW Golf GTI and the driver has now been reported to court.

A No Excuse spokesman said: "The driver is visiting Dorset for a holiday and was on his way back to a hotel, after a night out. He stated he'd drank one pint and passed the roadside breath test.

"He then stated 'sorry I was showing off to my mates, one of them told me there were no speed cameras on this section of the road so I floored it'.

"When we spoke to the three passengers they didn't seem that concerned or worried about the risks. Would you tell the driver to slow down?"

The driver has been reported to court.