Ryanair has failed to inform a coroner of when and where a British woman suffered a fatal collapse on a flight 14 months after the event, an inquest heard.

The husband of Gloria Bill said he still does not know whether the flight to Spain could have been diverted to a local airport so his wife could have received emergency treatment sooner.

The 59-year-old NHS nurse fell unconscious at some stage during the two hour flight from Bournemouth, Dorset, to Alicante on the Costa Blanca. Cabin crew called for a doctor on board and a nurse stepped forward and put Mrs Bill in the recovery position in the aisle.

She was given oxygen and upon landing in Alicante paramedics boarded the plane and took over.

Mrs Bill was rushed to hospital but she suffered a suspected heart attack en route and died later.

Widower Michael Bill said that despite it being 14 months after her death he still hasn’t been told how far into the flight his wife became ill.

Mr Bill, from Weymouth, told a pre-inquest review into Mrs Bill’s death: “There is no time frame in any of this. How long was she in the aisle? How far away from Alicante did this happen? Could they have diverted the flight?”

Rachael Griffin, the Dorset coroner, said that in the statements she had received from Ryanair about the medical emergency on the plane "no time frames had been given".

She said: “It is a very unusual, tragic set of events that occurred on that plane.

“I want to get a picture of what happened from the moment Gloria Bill stepped on that flight to the moment she died.”

The Bournemouth hearing was told that Mrs Bill, who was a clinical lead nurse at the Dorset County Hospital, died on July 30 last year but the exact cause of her death is still not known.

According to paraphrased extracts of two Ryanair air hostesses read out by Mrs Griffin, they heard Mrs Bill’s call bell sound.

When they got to her seat, Mrs Bill had sick on her and she appeared to be asleep.

They shook her arm but she was unresponsive and they realised she was unconscious.

Ms Griffin said she was put in the recovery position in the aisle and a tannoy announcement was made for any passengers who were nurses or doctors.

A full inquest is scheduled to take place on November 13.