A WORLD record holding jet pack user who was condemned by Lulworth Estate after he flew under the Durdle Door arch insisted his thrill-seeking display was not a 'stunt' and said he is disappointed with the 'hypocritical' criticism he has received.

Royal Marine reservist Richard Browning - an inventor and founder of aeronautical technology company Gravity Industries - came under fire from Lulworth Rangers after he flew underneath the iconic arch using a jet pack on Sunday.

Lulworth Rangers said the flight 'exploited' the historic landmark, which they claimed had become 'a target for everyone wanting a viral sensation'.

Mr Browning, from Sherborne, did not share the video of his flight on social media and feels that rangers are wrong to say he was trying to go viral.

He said: "The only reason that the video has gone viral is because the Lulworth Estate posted the footage on social media which is very ironic.

"I am disappointed that the estate is unhappy and I do not wish to upset anyone. I know that the estate has been inundated with visitors over the summer so I can understand that they are feeling sensitive but to say I was trying to become 'a viral sensation' is hypocritical when they posted the video.

"Calling this is a stunt is irrelevant language because usually if you do a 'stunt' it is to benefit in some way. They have, but we haven't."

Mr Browning holds the Guinness World Record for 'fastest speed in a body controlled jet engine powered suit’. His business, Gravity Industries, is a technology company which has a growing suite of patent pending technology to enable unparalleled human flight.

Mr Browning had been flying around the cruise ships in Weymouth Bay and made a last minute decision to visit Durdle Door at the weekend.

Dan Bell, owner of Jurassic Jet Ski in Weymouth, rode out to the landmark to support Mr Browning and act as a safety craft in case anything went wrong during the flight.

Mr Bell said: "I think it is absolutely ridiculous the way the Lulworth Estate have reacted to his flight. It is ironic and hypocritical of them to say we were trying to go viral as they have done all of the media coverage of us being there. We haven't promoted it at all.

"The Lulworth Estate does not have jurisdiction over the air space or waterways."

Mr Browning added: "It's a shame they have reacted like this because clearly we are not going to come back and bring any of the massive excitement that surrounds flying to Lulworth."

Lulworth Rangers were contacted but declined to comment.