THOSE who understandably criticise BCP Council for their ill-considered traffic bans designed to aid cyclists and pedestrians are in danger of overlooking the real culprits.

It was the Government who decided they wanted to see such schemes implemented and made significant funds available.

However it was a condition of getting such funds that schemes had to be carried out quickly.

In order to allow this to be done, they passed a Statutory Instrument allowing temporary orders to be made first with public consultation afterwards, thus overriding years of practice whereby such orders could only be made after consultation.

It also failed to allow proper assessment of schemes.

Good practice would be to carry out traffic surveys and look at accident statistics and assess the need and benefits before implementing them.

This dash for cash has resulted in a hotch-potch of ill-thought-out and unnecessary schemes not just in the BCP area but across the country for which the Government must share the blame.


Laidlaw Close, Poole