A VILLAGE went carnival crazy as revellers showed off the results of a £3,000 grant.

The money enabled Milford-on-Sea to stage a series of workshops at which experts showed the villagers how to make colourful costumes.

Carnival organisers said they feared the worst as they woke to the sight of torrential rain on August 27, 2000.

But the weather improved dramatically as the celebrations started up. By the time the procession headed out, glorious sunshine had burst through.

The Royal British Legion's Dad's Army float was among the most eye-catching entries. The ex-servicemen used a rocking horse to illustrate the Household Calvary and a pretend tank to symbolise modern warfare.

A float entered by The Friendly Dog Club included a pirate ship called the Mangy Mutt, while crowds were also treated to plenty of feline fun in the form of children dressed as characters from the musical Cats.

Brownies and Rainbows saluted Winnie the Pooh while members of Milford Evening WI dressed as giant bees, and members of Milford Pre-School performed scenes from the film A Bug's Life.

The carnival lived up to its reputation of being one of the best in the New Forest.

It started with a concert by the Norman Emberson Jazz Band which was sponsored by Milford-on-Sea Social Club and Unicorn Construction.

A mini-funfair on the village green added to the care-free atmosphere.

One of the shops filled its windows with pictures and press cuttings from carnivals through the decades.