A COMMUNITY group in Sandbanks has put forward a list of proposals to help improve their area, following on from a hectic summer for the beachside resort.

The Sandbanks Community Group have outlined a range of issues including beach camping, littering on the beach, anti-social behaviour from beachgoers and traffic, which were exacerbated during this summer and eventually led to BCP Council calling a climate emergency on Friday June 26.

The group hope that, by addressing the problems now whilst the memories of the summer are still fresh in people’s mind, they can help to Dorset Police and BCP Council to resolve the issues and have necessary protocols in place for years to come.

Chairman of the Sandbanks Community Group David Morley said: “Everyone was quite frankly horrified by what happened this summer.

“For people living here as well as businesses owners and holiday makers, it was just getting out of control.

“This year was exceptional considering the circumstances we find ourselves in but when we sat down and discussed what had happened, they are the same issues that we usually have but more intensified.

“Every year and every summer, we get the same sort of issues such as illegal beach campers, littering, bad behaviour on the beach and traffic.”

Some of the recommendations that the Sandbanks Community Group have suggested include tougher action from Dorset Police on anti-social behaviour, such as speeding, illegal camping and beach bonfires and the consideration by BCP Council of a Public Spaces Protection Order for Sandbanks.

The group have also called on an increased presence of beach wardens on busy summer weekends and parking enforcement powers for BCP Council to be toughened.

Having sent out a letter to stakeholder in the area, the group have so far received constructive feedback and a lot of support from residents, businesses and visitors to the area.

The police and council noticed that these issues could not continue and have really focussed on addressing them

David added: “It is absolutely fair to say that there were positive concrete steps taken to resolve some of these issues. We just ask that the council ensure that they have these sorts of responses in place every year

“Our message is please do not put this to one side and forget about it because, if the necessary precautions aren’t put in place now, we can guarantee that this will happen again next year.

“I am quite encouraged by the response so far. We have already arranged a meeting with the CEO of BCP Council and are in discussions with the superintendent of Dorset Police about arranging a meeting with them as well.

“We do not want to be alarmist; we want to work together with the council and the police to help resolve these issues before next summer comes around.”