THE imminent closure of Leven Avenue to through traffic by BCP Council will cause traffic chaos on Branksome Wood Road – a major traffic route – and does not address any real problem for cyclists that needs to be dealt with in Leven Avenue.

This chaos in Branksome Wood Road will be especially difficult at times of heavy traffic e.g. the rush hours in the morning and evening.

If there are more than two vehicles at the front of the queue which wish to turn right onto Glenferness Avenue, no traffic can go straight on along Branksome Wood Road. This will cause a considerable queue.

There is no evidence that the existing use of Leven Avenue by cars has had a negative impact on the local environment through pollution, noise, congestion or on safety.

Rather this very closure itself will produce all of the above negative impacts with extended queues of traffic on both Branksome Wood Road and Glenferness Avenue.

If BCP Council wanted to make the present advisory cycle lane into a mandatory lane they have had time to have a regular consultation with residents and councillors instead of rushing to install orange bollards on both sides of Glenferness Avenue which will be both unsightly and dangerous.

Christchurch council members of the Unity Alliance have very sensibly pointed out the negative environmental impacts that are likely to come about through ill-considered and rushed traffic measures. We do not wish to see these negative impacts here in Bournemouth.


Chairman, Talbot & Branksome Woods Residents Association

East Avenue, Bournemouth