TWO PODCAST presenters have completed a gruelling challenge to visit the home grounds of 44 football clubs in 44 hours in aid of mental health charity, Mind.

Matt Clewes, from Christchurch, and Chris Milligan, from Watford, both went to Solent University, hosted a Breakfast Show for Voice FM and now co-presenter The Fry Up Podcast.

The pair set themselves the task of visiting all Premier League and Championship home grounds with two days over Bank Holiday weekend and raise £1,000 for the charity.

Matt said: “We begun at St Mary's in Southampton before we went onto Brighton, South London, out to Reading and Wycombe, then hit Luton and Watford before heading back into London.

“London really caused us some trouble just because of traffic and it took us longer than we expected and even planned for.

“By the time we were leaving West Ham, it was late afternoon and we still had Norwich, the Midlands and Yorkshire to do which meant our night didn't end until 2am on Sunday morning.”

The duo were on BBC Radio all weekend, having been on Three Counties Radio, BBC Radio Solent and also BBC Radio 1 with Matt Edmondson and Mollie King on Sunday morning as they reached St James' Park.

Shortly after appearing on BBC Radio 1, Matt and Chris had reached our target of £1,000, which spurred them on to complete their challenge.

Matt added: “After getting an extra hours sleep to make sure we were as rested as we could be, we headed up to Middlesbrough and Newcastle before coming back down the country to Burnley and moving onto Lancashire and then all the Birmingham clubs before we took the trip on the M4 to South Wales.”

Having been caught in Bank Holiday traffic, it was looking as though Matt and Chris might fail in their quest but managed to return to St Mary’s in Southampton in the early hours of Monday morning with one minute to spare.

The pair’s current total sits at over £1200 with some donations yet to come through.

“I don't think we ever imagined how much support and how much of a success the whole trip has been, and it hasn't quite sunk in yet,” said Matt.

He added: “We had amazing support from people we don't even know as well as our friends and family and without them I don't think we would have been quite able to finish it off like we did.

“It's a proud moment and hopefully the money will do amazing things for Mind Charity.

“But also it didn't test our friendship too much, we managed to get through it without any arguments so I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Bank Holiday Weekend.”