TWO divers who went missing from a dive boat were found more than four miles from where they started.

A Mayday distress call was sent out at 6.30pm yesterday stating that the divers were overdue and missing from a drift dive that began near Old Harry Rocks.

The distress call was made from a local dive boat and received by the UK coastguard.

Crews from Swanage lifeboat launched and started to search the area.

A spokesman said: "The volunteer crew members of Swanage lifeboat were paged and both lifeboats launched to help in the search effort. The all-weather lifeboat was tasked to begin an ’expanding square’ search starting from a position close to Swanage Bay.

"Meanwhile, with a strong ebb tide flowing, the inshore lifeboat made its way towards Durlston Head, where two local boats were also searching and a call from a member of the public had reported seeing the divers.

"Shortly afterwards, one of the local boats found both divers safe and well and recovered them from the water more than four miles from where they had begun their dive. After confirming the identity of the divers, and that no further assistance was needed, both lifeboats were able to return to station."