DORSET Police recruited 75 new officers as the government's drive to increase levels on the frontline continues.

The first year of the national "uplift" programme saw forces across the country bring in thousands of additional officers.

In Dorset, 29 of 75 the recruits are now already on the frontline and many of these were brought in via the national campaign.

The force said the officers take up roles at the forefront of the policing operation after they have their initial training.

A spokeswoman for Dorset Police said they had been posted to various locations across the county, with no more details available because "the force constantly reviews staffing levels based on priority and demand".

"This ensures we are able to place new officers in the right locations to prioritise threat, risk, harm and vulnerability," the spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile 17 of Dorset Police student offices have returned to their training after supporting the force command centre during the initial outbreak of coronavirus.

Assistant chief constable Julie Fielding said: “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have continued to operate, recruit and train officers to ensure we are able to see these extra officers go out onto the frontline and support our communities. This has included our regular intakes, as well as those under the uplift programme.

“We have worked hard to remain on schedule with our uplift recruitment targets throughout the pandemic. I am proud of the work our staff have shown in working with the College of Policing to introduce a range of innovative measures during this time. The introduction of online assessment centres, for example, has allowed us not to stall on this fantastic opportunity to increase the resources that we have to keep the public safe and provide an outstanding service to the people of Dorset.”

Figures released by the Home Office showed forces across England and Wales had recruited more than 4,000 new officers, with the government setting a target of putting 20,000 extra officers within the next three years.

As of the end of June 2020, Dorset Police had an additional 21 officers recruited specifically through the "uplift" programme, with an initial allocation for up to 50 recruits by the end of March next year.