BOURNEMOUTH nightclub Halo has had to cancel its upcoming reopening event as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

The popular nightclub on Exeter Road was planning on hosting The Supper Club event on Saturday, August 1 as an alternative way to use the club while abiding by the guidelines in place.

Owner Ty Temel hoped to offer a new club experience by transforming the club into a temporary restaurant where guests could dine, drink and listen to recorded music.

However, Ty now feels as though this would not provide guests with the full Halo experience.

He said: "Halo has a 850 capacity and we pride ourselves on production, music, the lights and atmosphere. We didn't want to commit and provide an event opposite to what we pride ourselves on. Also, our capacity would have to go down to 160, already making it very, very tough to make it financially viable."

Ty also drew on the lack of support nightclubs have received from the government, describing it as "being left out to dry."

Having no "road map" to follow has made Halo's situation difficult has there is no form of timeline available for Ty to follow.

He said: "I don't need definite dates, just a vague idea. I am worried about having to make my staff redundant come October after a £1 million refurbishment and nearly a year of closure. Furlough for my staff has been amazing but it's a tough industry for them to work in.

"Ultimately, we have to see what the future holds."