A MAN "in a hooded top" has hurled bricks at a Christchurch bike shop twice in a week.

It's like it's malicious says Graham Harman, a partner at Cyclefix.

A man described as six-foot and wearing a hoodie is said to have paced up to the bike shop in Barrack Road and launched a massive brick at the window.

He reportedly then fled down Jumpers Road.

According to Mr Harman, 57, this has happened twice - in the early hours of Wednesday and then again on Friday.

But he now worries, the culprit "will keep coming back".

On the first occasion, the man smashed the left window of the shop and on the second, the right.

Mr Harman says that because the panels are laminated they did not shatter and the man did not break in or steal anything.

The business is considering installing security grills following the attacks which have "caused damage over £1,500".

Mr Harman said: "It makes your gut wrench but you have to deal with it.

"I have thought about going up to the shop at 1am myself.

"It is bizarre.

He says he has spoken to other business owners but "no one else has been damaged".

Mr Harman added: "At 1.30am on Wednesday and at 1.45am on Friday this week someone smashed both our large frontage windows causing damage over £1,500. We are not sure if it’s criminal damage or attempted burglary trying to steal our electric bikes. We are fearful he will strike again. He was captured on our CCTV but difficult to identify him."

Cyclefix has had a branch in Christchurch for a year but has been established in Poole since 2006.

It sells bikes as well as offering servicing, repairs and advice.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: "We received a report at 2.11pm on Wednesday, July 22, of criminal damage to a window at Cyclefix in Barrack Road in Christchurch. It was reported that at around 1.40am that morning a rock had been thrown at the window, causing damage.

"A further report was received at 12.24pm on Friday 24 July 2020 of a similar incident involving damage being caused to a window at the same store.

"Officers have been carrying out enquiries into the incident. No arrests have been made at this stage."