RESIDENTS at Sunrise of Westbourne care home have joined together to launch a national campaign with a series of TikTok videos.

The campaign, #CelebrateCareHomes, aims to praise staff members in care homes for their effort during Covid-19, and more generally, whilst also highlighting all that is great about living in care homes.

To kick-off the initiative, over 30 Sunrise UK and Gracewell care homes, including Sunrise of Westbourne, have created their own TikTok videos, featuring residents and team members.

David Lindsley is a resident at Sunrise of Westbourne care home, and one of the spokespeople for the #CelebrateCareHomes campaign.

He said: “There were a number of reasons for me wanting to research the care home market - the loss of my wife, my deteriorating health, a life of variety and comfort, and the need to communicate with people. Without the fulfilment of these criteria I was becoming ever more depressed.

“Care home staff and all social care workers have shown extraordinary bravery, dedication and humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I think that I have benefited most from the lack of worry and isolation with the keyword being ‘care’.

“Living in a care home means I feel many years younger, relieved of the worry surrounding the exposure to Covid-19 and content with my life.”

The videos include staff and residents dancing along to the well-known TikTok tunes and spreading messages of why they like living at Sunrise of Westbourne.

The new campaign aims to praise the effort made by staff during Covid-19 and highlight all that is great about living in care homes.

Neil Bayley, Son of a resident at Sunrise of Westbourne, said: “My mother will be 81 this year and has been at the care home for just over two years.

“Prior to this mum was living in her own home in Wantage, Oxfordshire and was receiving care at home twice a day provided by a local business. She had a diagnosis of early onset Dementia.

“The level of care provided to mum in that first week saved her life. I visited daily and watched in amazement as my grey looking fragile and broken mother had her zest for life re-ignited.

“I think it is fair to say that the amazing team have enhanced mum’s standard of life over the past 2 years and have removed a lot of worry and pressure for her children.”