THE lower High Street closure in Poole to try and encourage it as a pedestrian precinct to me is a complete waste of time, as there is nothing of any real interest for “Joe Public” (tourists) to go down there for, apart from the museum.

To my simple mind, to be able to attract people down, there is a need for the council to reduce the rates and to encourage the opening of a few “cheap and cheerful” outlets i.e. chippies, “kiss me quick” type of outlets like those in other seaside towns, similar to those in Weymouth, Blackpool and Looe in Cornwall.

Simple “cheap and cheerful” souvenir type shops and the pubs along the Quay, I feel, would work wonders for the lower High Street area.

I remember as a nipper there were a few shops like those I’ve mentioned, that sold cheeky postcards, sweets, ice and the like in that part of he town and even in those far-off days it was busy.


St Margarets Road, Poole