HEAVEN’S Gate, Sunset Roundabout and Roundy McRoundabout were just some of the suggestions put forward by Shaftesbury councillors as names for the new A350 roundabout.

Heard during the town council’s planning and highways committee meeting last week, it was decided that the first choice name for the site at Littledown would be Wincombe Roundabout, and the second Roundy McRoundabout.

Several ideas were put forward by members however, with Councillor Phil Proctor suggesting Corona Roundabout as it is “small and dangerous”.

He also suggested Heaven's Gate, as this part of the road is the "highest roundabout in Dorset".

While Cllr Peter Yeo welcomed the suggestion of Roundy McRoundabout, adding this would be “good for tourism”, Cllr Andy Hollingshead was “thinking about the image and reputation” of Shaftesbury.

He added: “I think the reality is that whether we like it or not people are going to say Wincombe Roundabout.

“It’s just going to come into the vernacular so we might as well just accept that.”

Once the decision was made Cllr Proctor said: “We are being slightly more serious but equally a bit tongue in cheek.”

The two name choices have now been submitted to Dorset Council.