A BUSINESSWOMAN has put together a book about “mumpreneurs” – the women who combine running a business with looking after children.

Erin Thomas Wong edited Mumpreneur Evolution: On Our Terms, a collection of interviews with 23 women entrepreneurs.

She said the term mumpreneur had been controversial but many women found it the right term to describe their lives.

The Bournemouth author founded the online community the Mumpreneur Collective and the Cocoon Business Club.

She said: “I hope that when they read this book, women will see how possible this can be for them too. How they can overcome their own self doubt, how they can carve their own path, and how they too can become happy and successful business owners working on their own terms.”

The women in the book decided to create flexible businesses which allowed them to be the primary carer for their children.

They deal with subjects such as self-doubt, feeling like an imposter and designing a business that works for them. Each one has tips on the “work/life juggle”.

Research suggested mumpreneurs generated £7.2billionin revenue for the UK economy as of 2014 and supported more than 200,000 jobs.

By 2025, the mumpreneur economy is expected to generate £9.6billion.

Erin Thomas Wong says there is likely to be a steep rise in women becoming mumpreneurs as a result of Covid-19.

The book includes high-fliers who gave up corporate careers to create flexible businesses, as well as women who started businesses with babies in their arms and those who are building businesses while solo parenting.

Felicity Sandford, founder of Amazing Futures Ltd, said: “I love being a mumpreneur. I take my business very seriously and I am passionate about it in a way I never was about my corporate career.”

Elizabeth Lusty, founder of Love2Sing Choirs said: “In 2019 I realised I had done it – I had earned the full time salary I had in my old job working 40 hours. I did this whilst working on average 3.5 days a week, plus I have three members of staff and my business is growing.

“My salary now equals and will soon surpass my husband’s full-time wage. I pay myself a proper salary every month and it feels awesome.”

The book is available in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon.