A POKESDOWN flat has been closed down by police due to drugs, serious nuisance and disorder.

Dorset Police, BCP Council and Sovereign Housing have been working together to tackle problems at Flat 12, Dolphin Mews at 29, Seabourne Road.

But after attempts to stop the problems failed, they applied for a closure order through the courts.

The order was granted at Poole magistrates’ court on June 25, two days after a notice had been served at the premises.

It was granted under section 80 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act and will last for three months.

The premises is now closed to all persons except staff and authorised agents of Sovereign Housing Group, who are the landlords.

They will be allowed to clear or carry out repairs to the property.

One named person is allowed to attend the property on a pre-arranged occasion to collect personal belongings in the company of a police officer.

A spokesman for Bournemouth East Police said: “The order relates to drug matters and anti-social behaviour which was having a detrimental affect of the local community.

“This closure was only possible thanks to the efforts of multi-agency working and the reports from residents and community members.

Councillor Lewis Allison, Portfolio Holder for Tourism, Leisure and Communities at BCP Council said: “Despite efforts by our Anti-social Behaviour Team and colleagues at Dorset Police, serious nuisance and disorder has taken place at this property.

“We’re pleased with the outcome following a lot of hard work. We will always seek to protect victims of disorder and use the powers available to us. We hope in obtaining this order, it shows we will act on issues raised by residents to reduce anti-social behaviour in our communities.”

An application for a closure order at another flat within the same building is currently being dealt with by the courts.

It has been adjourned by Poole magistrates after opposition to the proposals to close the flat down and there will be another hearing to determine the issue.