WHAT a total shambles on Bournemouth beach. One wonders how much our lords and masters are paid when they are not capable of foreseeing a situation that any child could have foreseen.

As soon as the Brits get a hot Saturday they swarm to the beaches to lounge about and brown themselves silly. One has to ask why. Its a mania. All care for the current situation went out the window. “I’m all right, Jack” prevailed.

I’m afraid the Brits do have this vulgar streak. We have been swamped by half a million urbanites who have brought the vIrus here in buckets.

Solution? Also child’s play. Ten army trucks on the beach, a couple of tanks and 100 troops with police to make civilian arrests when troops radio them. Army armed only with loudspeakers. Helicopters to hover over troublemaker pockets to identify them. If required, water cannon.

In 1940 my parents were on honeymoon in Southbourne. They watched the aerial dogfights over the Needles; the beach was barbed wired. Now our own people are the enemy threatening us!

The situation will repeat itself no doubt as the gung-ho mentality takes hold. Let’s pray for a rained-out summer.


Gordon Road, Bournemouth